Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Vacation turned into a staycation

August 15, 2014

We were supposed to go to Hawaii. I really really needed a break. The last 2 years were so exhausting. It was like a black cloud was over me and finally, the clouds went away. When they did, it was my birthday and time for a long-awaited, already booked trip to Hawaii. I was cashing in my air miles from a business credit card I'd been using since 2003. I had a ton of miles to use and could fly the four members of my family. But then hurricanes Elsa and Julio were due to hit on the same day as our flight to Hawaii. We cancelled. We were so bummed. The kids were bummed. I was bummed. It wouldn't be worth it to fly there and be stuck in a hotel where it was raining and windy during the length of our stay. Ah well, it is God's act of will. So to not let our kids down, my husband and I scrambled and got a 2 night stay at the Disneyland Hotel. We went on as many rides as we could and enjoyed poolside service at the hotel pool. Then we came home early and I cleaned my desk, sorted my affairs, and I ACTUALLY DREW! I have to be honest, I hadn't really drawn that much during the 2 years the cloud hung over me. I didn't really feel like it as I felt like the joy was squeezed out of me as I worried and had to patiently wait for a horrible ordeal to be over. It may have  looked like I was drawing because my comics were on GoComics weekly, but that's because my archives are deep and I was recycling my comics. I think what happened, was that God was telling me to get back to basics, to find the joy of what I needed to be doing in the first place. I needed to get back to drawing. And I am glad I found the joy in drawing again! We'll go to Hawaii next time. 

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