Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gender Judo

November 3, 2014

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about navigating the work place as a woman. People think that because I'm the creator of "Angry Little Asian Girl" and "Angry Little Girls," that I'm some hard core feminist. To me, the word "feminist" has a harsh connotation. And I don't like to label myself, as I am a multitude of things. But I guess I'm a little of both. Harsh and feminist, but feminine and girlish. I'm also kooky and silly, and can become absolutely serious at the the turn of a dime. (Which may make me seem totally schizo, but hey I function on a lot of cylinders.) I heard about the book, "What Works for Women at Work." I read it and thought the 4 patterns of women at work; 1. Tightrope 2. The Tug of War. 3. Prove-It-Again 4. Maternal Wall, are all on point. I didn't realize they existed, but because these 2 authors took the time to point them out, now I can see it at play in a lot of women's working lives, even mine. I've experienced all of these. It's not easy navigating the workplace as a woman. I hadn't really realized these games are being played, but since we are all "working" in one way or another, we should know they are at play, right? I hope you'll read the book or at least start a conversation about the topics.

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