Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A new website for a new start

November 4, 2013

I am a moron. I am a moron I am a moron I am a moron. I was fiddling around my old website trying to fix some broken links. I was being careful. I knew I needed to save certain code, so I copied code onto my stickies. But then as I was breezing around in the back end, the most important code, I did not copy and I broke my website! I am a moron. I am a moron I am a moron I am a moron. I searched through old emails to find the old code, but alas, it was so freaking long ago, that I don't have it. And if I email the developers who made it, I doubt they will give it to me for free. They will claim that they lost it and that they need to look at it and that looking at it, will run a diagnostic fee of $375. Damn it! So forget it. The whole site was old and broken anyway. It was designed in 2009. We're now on the cusp of 2014. It served me 5 years. Oh hell. I hate moving, but I guess it's time. So here it is people. A brand new, slick, up to the moment website that brings me to the age of 2014.

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