Monday, September 19, 2011

Are you GRITTY?

I came across this article in the NY Times about how failure can be a catalyst to success.
And as I read it, I thought, yes, I do believe there is truth to this. I know from my experience, that failure (and I've had lots of them) builds you up to overcome. That is if you want to overcome the failure. Failure can make you work smarter. It makes you think about what didn't work, and what could work. I thought I was wired in a strange way. That I wouldn't take no for an answer. But I think being the youngest of 4 girls, being bossed around, and knowing the people in the position to tell me what to do were wrong, somehow resulted in me being a bit gritty. (I'm borrowing Duckworth's term here) And this article went on to say, that test scores do not predict success, but the character of one's grit does. There's even a quiz, the GRIT TEST, to show you where you land on the scale of grittiness. Take the quiz, it's kinda fun and insightful. And if you have kids, it gets you thinking about what kind of lessons we want to teach them.
(If you're interested, I scored 4.4 on the scale of 1-5 on my GRIT test.)

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