Sunday, August 21, 2011

standby at the airport

This weekend I saw one of my oldest friends get married. I left the kids and hubby at home and traveled the distance to a mountain top resort in Utah. (What a beautiful state!) I have to say traveling alone was nice. I got to enjoy the wedding and catch up with old friends, which I wouldn't have been able to do if the kids came. (Last month my cousin got married and my 1.5 year old broke a water fountain sculpture. Not good!) And so at this wedding, I was able to drink and be merry and I got to sleep until 9am! Yes! But alas, I decided that waiting til 8:25pm for the flight home was too long a wait. So I got to the airport at 2pm, returned the rental car and asked to be on standby. I didn't get on, but since I am a city girl who brought only flip flops and heels for the mountains, the comforts of hanging out in an airport was quite nice-in flip flops and AC. Congratulations to my friends!
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  1. Hiho ^^ Just saw you in scrubs... And duh, you're awesome! Wanna give you a big big hug.
    Also checked out your cartoon thing. It's... interesting. :P

    Anyway, I'd love to have a chance to talk with you. :)

  2. Why girls are so angry: