Thursday, July 7, 2011

my collection of rejections

Recently, while cleaning out my office, I came across this thick file labeled "REJECTIONS." I had forgotten about this file and was happy to find it again. I know rejections are not a pleasant thing, and in the beginning of my career, they were painful to receive. But I feel like this file is my badge of honor. Every year, my rejection letters were hard-won. I would work hard on a submission, toiling days and nights. Then I'd package it and mail it off, and then I would wait and wait. Sometimes if they had a contact I'd send reminders, and then I would wait some more. And then, months later, I would get a thin white envelope in the mail. Without even opening it, I knew it would be a rejection letter. But strangely, I decided to keep them and made a file folder and starting my collection. This is a picture of my file, my collection of rejections. Every artist should have one. =0)

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  1. Lela, sorry for posting here but I did not find any e-mail adress to contact you directly. I have already sent a "special" commission request over your site but I dont know if it got through to you. If not, please contact me directly at Thank you!!! :)