Friday, May 13, 2011

this week's annoyance

You know what made me so annoyed this week? The post office. I filled out a customs form because I realize everything needs a form. After being prepared and filling out a white customs form, I wait in the long line. But when it's finally my turn, the clerk tells me that I filled out the wrong one. "This package requires a different customs form than the one you filled out." I say, "Uh, okay, which one do I need to fill out?" He points to a pile of forms. "That white one." I answer, "I did fill out a white customs form." He says, "No, you need to fill out a different one." I walk over, "This one?" "No, that one." "Which one, the piles of forms are not labeled and they are all in a box?" He replies, "The big white one." I point, "This one?" "Yes." I'm totally annoyed because how am I supposed to know there's a different form to fill out if it's not labeled?!! I grumble and roll my eyes at him, I'm sure he gets this a lot, and well a post office worker probably should, because WHY WASN'T the form labeled for me to find in the first place?!!! I clearly realized it needed a customs form and filled one out. So why don't they mark it, "for packages over 1 lb, use this form." Grrr!!!! Thanks USPS for taking 15 extra minutes of my life that I'll never get back!

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