Friday, November 26, 2010

Shopping to help the US

The time has come, the holiday shopping season. I read an article

From the LATimes:,0,4220865.story

There's a lot riding on the outcome. Retailers hope an improving economy will bring the biggest holiday receipts in four years — and if they succeed, it could help set off a chain of events that could accelerate the country's slow recovery, said economist Esmael Adibi of Chapman University.

"If the retail sector is healthy, that will eventually lead down the road to expansions, and expansions lead to hiring," he said. "Additional hiring generates more income, and then that income in turn will be spent. It's a multiplier effect."
Consumer spending at the nation's retailers, although not robust, has been generally healthy all year. So economists are predicting the best holiday season since 2006 (before the recession) and are estimating a year-over-year retail sales increase of 2.3% to 3.5%.

Goodness, if ever I needed to tell my husband that I need to shop, it's now! I'm gonna do my duty and shop. He he he! =0)

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