Saturday, November 20, 2010

A long, perfect day.

Today was a good day. Okay, so I've been awake since 1am because the baby woke me up. And then I couldn't fall asleep because I had my alarm set for 4am so I could make a 5am call time. And whenever I have the alarm set to go off, I can't sleep because I'm afraid I'll miss it. Anyway, yes I was tired, and I am still tired. But it's been 17 long months since I worked on a commercial. I'm just so happy to be working as an actor again. The suit skirt they put me in was hard to zip, but I zipped it.  (I'm mostly back to wearing my regular clothes.) Then after I got back to an empty house (hubby took boys to Grandma's) I did something else I hadn't done in a long time, I took a long, hot bath! Ahhh!!!! Then I did some work and started on writing rewrites for a TOP SECRET project that I hope I can talk about real soon! Anyway, all in all, I'm tired. But I'm relishing this quiet house and this perfect day where I worked for the first time in a long time, enjoyed the company of fellow working actors trading insightful work stories, took a hot bath, and finished up some work. I could have been cranky about the lack of sleep, but it really does help your mindset when you're happy about other things. Thank you universe!

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