Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hanging out with a 2.5 year old...

On the weekends, my life is pretty much about me hanging out with a 2.5 yr old. My son is pretty amazing. He'll say things that are very clever and makes me realize he understands more than I think he does. Like just this evening I asked him to put his clean laundry away. And he answered "I don't want to." And I asked, "what do you mean you don't want to?" And he answered, "Because I can't reach." Of course he can't reach! Duh mom! Anyway, it's moments like these, that seem so mundane that I understand how he's comprehending so much about how things work. I try not to blog so much about being a mom, because hell I'm supposed to be the angry little asian girl and have angry things to say, but this is my life right now. And it may not be such a bad thing, because I will start to see the world from a younger person's perspective. And that can only help when I'm writing and drawing Angry LITTLE Girls. At least I hope so!

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