Sunday, June 14, 2009

How was Hawaii?

Hawaii was f*@king awesome! Here's a picture of me with the Honolulu Star Bulletin I was in. Thanks to all the great folks who came out to meet me at Animation Addict and Split Obsession. The staff at Animation Addict and the owners were so terrific. Thanks too to Kris who helped coordinate the event. (And thanks Janis for hooking Spencer up with some cool cars!). Thanks to Bruce and Erica the owners of Split Obsession for having an art show of my prints. I rarely make prints and rarely have art shows, but I wanted to have a show in Hawaii as I know Hawaiians love ALAG! I met a lot of cool people at Split Obsession (especially Nadine, Cat, Steve and Candace-thanks for my shirt!) and I know there are still some prints available for sale. I'm going to leave the prints there for Split Obsession to sell because then there'll be no shipping cost. (shipping from the mainland to Hawaii is really expensive, so Hawaii people, take advantage of the prints being there Pictures from my trip are on my facebook page here.
I hope to come out again to the Islands. Mahalo!!!

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