Monday, May 4, 2009

High Five to the High School

I went to Philips Academy this past Friday. The students invited me to dinner before the presentation and we engaged in a very interesting debate about Asians in media, tokenism and affirmative action. I don't have any definitive answers on those issues, but I can say from my experience, there is tokenism and racism--and one of the ways to climb out of that token slot Asians are relegated to, is to show your support to Hollywood of Asian films, actors and shows. It all comes down to dollars. If Asian American products make money, Hollywood pays attention. And as far as succeeding in any field, make sure you work hard and are better skilled as nothing is handed on a silver platter to an "outsider". I don't like to focus too much on this annoying fact of life, the glass ceiling that a lot of ethnic-Americans face, but I believe you can't use that as an excuse not to fight against it. So, my advice to the students, those issues exist, but YOU CAN CHANGE THAT. Fight the good fight!

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