Thursday, March 12, 2009

Answering Tammy

Tammy wrote in and asked:

Dear Lela,
Your books are hilaurious!(i hope i spelled that right.) i think my most favoritest character is kim! she is just like me! im asian,and get sooo angry sometimes. how did you think of those five girls? being chinese is sooo tough! even though your books are for teens i still read em! im just a ten years old. sorry to disapoint you im so young to be reading your books. where are u from?

Dear Tammy,
Thanks! Kim is indeed a favorite character for lots of people. I first thought of her in college because I was angry at the world. And yes, being Asian can be tough. It was for me growing up in San Dimas where I was one of a handful of Asians and I got teased a lot for being different. As a ten year old, I don't think you are too young to read my books. I think this means you are advanced for your age. =0)

Thanks for your question!


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