Sunday, June 15, 2008

New York

I was in NY this past week for work and was scheduled to fly back on a 9:15pm flight, but wanted to try to get an earlier flight. I was flying American and at JFK, there was a mass of people waiting in line for the counter. I was impatient to get on the earliest flight and followed the crowd to get in line. I curtly asked a lady "are you in line?" as she wasn't quite in the line queue but was leisurely just standing there, blocking access to the line. I asked her curtly again "are you in line?" and she said, "yes I am in line." Then she leisurely joined the end of the line. So I waited in the super long line. I was annoyed it was taking so long and there was no uniformed person to ask if I was in the right line. Finally, after 45 minutes, I saw a uniformed airline employee and flagged her down. "I'm going to LAX at 9:15 but want to try to get on an earlier flight, do I need to stand here?" She answered, "Oh no honey, just go to the self service and press the standby option." I got out of the line and raced to the self service kiosk. I was even more annoyed that I had wasted 40 minutes. I got thru security and got to the gate and put my name on the standby list. Dang it! I was #16! I thought for sure I wouldn't get on. So I stood there waiting for the 4:55pm flight. And finally, I was the last person allowed on. I got to my seat and sat down next to a lady who seemed really annoyed as well. I saw her newspaper and asked about it. Turned out we were there for the same work and we ended up talking the whole flight! I had made a friend. So the moral of the story is, yeah I was stuck in line for 40 minutes, and yeah I was #16. But had I been earlier and been #1 on the standby list, I wouldn't have gotten to meet my new friend. So things that make life annoying may actually be blessings in disguise!

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