Sunday, June 1, 2008

Love Book Coming In September

I was at the Book Expo America this Saturday at the Los Angeles Convention Center. My apologies for not posting it with advance notice. I've been in a creative mode and reading a lot of books and stuff and when I get in this mode, I don't really stay on top of emails, dates and deadlines. So that was why I announced it 45 minutes before I left for the signing. Well anyway, as I got to the BEA Abrams booth, low and behold, even though they told me they couldn't get it in time, they had an advance copy of my third book "Angry Little Girls in Love"! I am really really excited about this book. I really Love it. While I was making this book, I had a continuous feeling of mischievous glee. When I get this feeling I get excited because I know it's really real and fun. I love this book!!! Because I love it so much and the publisher's love it so much, they are going to release it earlier in September. I'm thrilled! So here's a sneak peak picture of it. So cute! I love the pink color!

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