Friday, May 9, 2008

the war within is over

Some of you may recall a comic I drew of Kim sitting on a chair (in the 2nd book, Still Angry Little Girls) saying "I must war with the evil within!" Well, that comic was really me expressing my own war with the way I think. I really have to work to be positive as I constantly look for fights. In my brain, tiny slights become huge offenses as I stew on them and then it brews and the poor person who had no idea that they slighted me gets an earful a year later after I've made a molehill into a mountain. I drew that comic a few years ago. And while I am who I am and have to embrace my quirks, I also want to find some balance. But just this week as I was washing dishes, a strong statement came from within. It said to me, "the war is over." I put the sudsy plate down and listened again. "the war is over." Hallelujah. F-i-n-a-l-l-y. It feels kind of nice, like I'm a bit lighter. Now if the statement from within would also help me figure out what the hell's going on over at a certain cable network that doesn't know what to do with ALG. Grrr...

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