Sunday, April 20, 2008

Earth Day

(you have to click on the comic to see the 2nd panel)

Lately, I've been getting marketing emails from dept stores (I admit it, I like cute stuff, and I want to know what's going on. But I am a careful shopper, and I try my best not to accumulate.) So a certain dept store (rhymes with Arney's) sends me newsletters with subject lines like "Green is the new black" and "Don't Panic it's Organic" with fancy smancy uber-expensive organic cotton jeans for or some fancy schmancy bag designer hawking an overpriced organic bag. It's so damn annoying. I suggest, that for Earth Day, April 22, we do the Earth a favor and don't buy anything. Not gas, not clothes, not anything. That's what we should all do. Only buy food and water. And maybe, we could all try planting a tomato plant and see if it will produce any. When we see how long it takes for a tomato to grow, we should be all the more thankful for the bounty of produce we have access to at our grocery stores. We have to stop consuming so much and buy what we need. I'm not saying you can't have a little fun and spend on a fun item, but let's not forget Earth Day is a day to think of the chain of events our act of consumption has on the Earth.

And another note, the above rant may blow my sales this coming weekend, but that's okay, because I only have a select selection. Come visit me this Sat and Sun at the UCLA Book Festival Booth #705. I'll only have a select amount of books, bags and wallets, just the stuff I get samples of, so think of it as my own personal ALG sample sale. Cash only. And it's perfectly fine if you don't buy anything. You can just say hello.

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