Sunday, April 27, 2008

Awesome weekend

I had an awesome time meeting folks at the UCLA book festival! I haven't been out face to face with people since the days when I used to sell ALAG shirts out of the trunk of my corolla station wagon back in 1997. I actually went to the UCLA book Festival in 1998 to pass out stickers and sell shirts, but security kicked me off! And today, today was so amazing and different. I had my own booth, and had 3 of my book titles, bags, wallets, shirts, dvd's and buttons and it was amazing to see the reaction and to have people read my comics out loud and laugh. Truly, that means so fricken' much to me. All my mean angry thoughts that keep me from a peaceful life, I make into comics for my own therapy and then to see people understand it and LAUGH, that is an amazing feeling. Gosh, I'm so grateful and lucky for the people who like my stuff. I'm really glad I got the chance to meet people this weekend. It was so awesome, I'm planning to go again next year. I thank everyone who came out to the festival and stopped by my booth. It was great to meet everyone!

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