Sunday, February 3, 2008

I was at peace, but then grrr!!!

The other day I was really angry, maybe because I hadn't eaten yet and was cranky because I was hungry. But I snapped at someone I love dearly. And thank goodness they put up with me! Because anyone else would just snap back. But they didn't. I felt bad, and still feel bad and then thought, it's too much work being mad all the time. I just want to be at peace. Being angry is not a peaceful thing. So today I was letting it all be peaceful and then I saw a sticker on someone's car in the 805 area code. A black sticker with white outlines (reversed white and black) and it looked like Kim's head. Same hair, same drawing style. It's very annoying when someone steals your work. So then my peace was gone, and I became very mad and will now have to hunt the source down and do a cease and desist. Grrr!!! I was hoping to be peaceful but it seems like life won't let me.

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