Sunday, January 20, 2008


I drew this when it was raining. But then I had to add it to the queue of comics to get posted on the website. (I draw way ahead and am drawn up until May.) And now because I drew it so long ago, it may or may not rain. I live in So Cal, so it hardly ever rains. When it does rain, I have mixed feelings. Happy to have the rain for the plants and people who need h2o, but then it's kind of a drag because we all get wet and have to stay inside. But what am I complaining about? It so hardly rains in CA and global warming is making the earth more dry, so I should just thank the rain gods when it does. Thank goodness for irrigation and that we don't live like the days of Little House on the Prairie when no rain meant moving away. But then who knows, maybe that's not too far off with global warming. Shit, I hate thinking about global warming, that depresses me. Shop with reusable bags people! The average person uses enough plastic bags requiring 4000 barrels of oil. Try to remember those cloth bags. And they don't have to be ALG reusable bags. Reuse your plastic bags for goodness sakes! Sorry, I went off on a tangent. Sort of related, but a tangent nonetheless.

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